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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Ravel Anderson - Soothed by Deep Pressure:

Ravel Anderson, is 53 years old, with a love for chocolate pudding and the sensory tool that helps him stay calm.  Sedated for dental care before PWP, Ravel needed only four practice sessions before receiving treatment at PWP’s Center.   Now, he completes cleanings, dental exams and x-rays there.  “When he first started to practice,” said Mosaic’s Direct Support Manager Archimore Roberts, “he needed pudding as a sequencing reinforcer, but now he knows he will only get it after he finishes his appointment.  And he’s fine with that.”

Deep pressure makes a difference too.  In addition to a weighted blanket during appointments, Ravel stays relaxed and alert through sensory therapy on his head and joints.  It has helped Ravel in his group home too.

“When PWP came to provide Oral Health in the Home training at the group home,” Archimore said, “we learned how to help him stay calm.  We also learned how to help him have better oral care.  We use hand-over-hand, and with patience and counting, we ensure his teeth are properly cleaned.”



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