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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Bobby Brahy - PWP ends his lifetime of dental fear:

Bobby Brahy, age 52, now looks forward to visiting the dentist.  But until 2010, that was not the case.  Mike Dukes, residential manager for Chimes, where Bobby lives and works, credits Practice Without Pressure for Bobby’s remarkable turnaround.

Bobby, who has Down syndrome and cognitive challenges, had always been scared of the dentist.  According to Dukes, Bobby would go for an annual exam, but it was like pulling teeth just to get him there.

“Just the thought of the dentist was terrorizing to him,” Dukes said.  “He would get almost hysterical, resist and not participate.  He would be adamant that he wouldn’t do it.  We would get him in the car and then he wouldn’t go in the door or if he did, he wouldn’t sit.  He would just refuse.” When he did go to the dentist, it took two staff people to support him.

Donna Holefelder, a Chimes nurse, recommended Practice Without Pressure as an alternative to sedation, which would have been the next step for Bobby to receive dental care.

It took just two sessions for Bobby to gain confidence in himself and in PWP.

Bobby has since completed two cleanings and two visits to fill cavities at PWP without a problem.

“He was relaxed instead of being terrified,” Dukes said.  “He was fine with the Novocain needle, too.  Once he built his trust in the staff, it wasn’t an issue.   Now he looks forward to going.”



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