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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

There's No Quit in Jason Nagowski:

Jason Nagowski has lived a life as full as his mother, Joan, can make it. And what she couldn’t accomplish at the dentist office, Practice Without Pressure has made possible.

Jason, who is 35, loves to swim, play pool and miniature golf. He especially loves to go on outings with his older brother, Dean. Though deaf, on the autism spectrum and legally blind, Jason can see close up when his mother signs, has a great visual memory and can read words at 24 pt. type on his daily schedule.

“Back even before 2004, I was doing things with Jason at home, trying to prepare him for different procedures. I developed a whole picture system and a counting routine to teach him certain things, like how to get through an EEG.” When he was 21, Joan converted his picture schedule to words to teach him to read.

But going to the dentist was a different challenge. At AI DuPont Hospital, “they would hold him down or we’d have to give him a sedative for work to be done. Here I was a dental assistant at the time, and I couldn’t get my kid to cooperate.”

Joan began to work with him at home. After a lot of home practice to get him to accept nitrous oxide gas and the vibration of a toothbrush in his mouth, Jason was able to have routine dental care without sedation.

But when he needed a filling, problems surfaced again. He could not get that work done routinely and needed to be sedated in the hospital for dental care. He ended up having an extraction, fillings and x-rays.

“It was hard for Jason to complete x-rays, so it was hard for us to know the state of his teeth,” Joan said. After he needed another extraction under sedation, Joan came to Practice Without Pressure.

Using the PWP practice approach worked for Jason. After just one practice session, and practicing at home, Jason was able to start x-rays on his second visit and then complete them on visit three. “They started with just a few x-rays and then he was able to do more x-rays than expected, very quickly and cooperatively,” Nagowski said. He had an exam and everything was fine.

“I was walking on cloud 9 after we got through those x-rays,” Nagowski said. “Maybe now we can get through a filling at Practice Without Pressure. I’m going to celebrate if we do. I’ll have a big party.”






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