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Dental Care - Dental Pre-Surgery Testimonial

Antonio "Nino" Schubert - Gets Ready to Zumba:

Nino Schubert of Wilmington, Delaware is 26 years old and loves all sports, especially zumba. But pain from his wisdom teeth was slowing him down.

His mom, Terry Schubert, couldn’t find a dentist after his long-time dentist retired. Because Nino has Down syndrome, “they had no patience and were afraid of him,” she said.

At Practice Without Pressure, Nino and his mom had a different experience.  “I was impressed with the facility. it met our expectations and we were impressed with Dr. Hope-Thomas Glavin, Dental Hygienist Ajah Warren and Lead Practice Specialist Danielle Saienni.

“They gave him the time he needed and treated him with gentleness and compassion. They listened to Nino and practiced with cards and instruments to prepare him for the oral surgery.  They also practiced for sedation with him. He was delighted and enchanted by the attention,” said Schubert.

Practice Without Pressure referred Nino to Dr. Thomas Dougherty to complete the three extractions.  “The day of the outpatient surgery, Danielle Saienni came very early to meet us at Dr. Dougherty’s office,” Schubert said.  “That was very touching.  I loved that.”

Now Nino enjoys zumba, swimming, tennis, volleyball, basketball and other sports.


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