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Medical Care - Blood Draw Testimonial

Letitia Rooney moved from stress to successful exams:


Letitia, a 24-year-old woman from Newark, Delaware, has Pervasive Developmental Disorder on the autism spectrum, and a history of difficulty in clinical settings. As a youngster, she tolerated some dental work, but now, according to her father Dan, “She won’t let the dentist in her mouth.”

Gynecology exams were just as futile. “For gynecologists,” said Dan, “she would always back away. She clenches, closes up and physically protects heself. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her.”

It took just seven practice sessions in as many weeks for Letitia’s attitude to change. After gaining her trust through home visits, Letitia was able to complete weekly practice sessions with her 21-year-old sister Anne Marie at Dr. Maricar Belicena’s office. After each practice session, Letitia received a water ice from Rita’s for her cooperation.

“Every week I took her,” said Dan, “and every week, they told me she was getting further and further in the process, until boom, she let the gynecologist examine her.”

Recalled her mother, Anne Miller: “The day she went through the exam, we expected it to take another two weeks.” Then they heard the magic words: “We’re done.”

“We were ecstatic, but Letitia doesn’t really get emotional, so I’m not sure Letitia realized the milestone it represented for her,” Anne said. She took it in stride.


Since this article first appeared in 2008, Letitia has learned to complete dental exams and fillings as well as haircuts at PWP.



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