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Medical Care - Medical Pre-Surgery Testimonials

Diane  Hall receives care tailor-made for her:

Diane Hall likes her healthcare the same way she orders hamburger and fries in restaurants: made to order. She prefers her healthcare, though, the PWP way – with time to help her practice procedures before exams.

The Practice Model™ created by Practice Without Pressure has benefited Diane for both dental and women’s health care. At its Center in Newark, Delaware, Diane learned through practice the steps to exams she had feared or avoided in the past. She now completes routine dental care and has cavities filled without sedation.

Women’s health exams were more difficult for her. When the Center first opened, Diane was able to complete a routine gynecology exam. But by age 43, at a more recent appointment, her anxiety had increased.

“Diane is not comfortable with people touching her there at all. That made her nervous and could set off seizures,” said her residential house manager Yolanda Liggon. But Diane was willing to try.

“We had many appointments at PWP to practice for a women’s health exam,” Liggon said. “It was awesome how patient everybody was, taking the time to teach her. But once we got to the part where she had to lay down with just the hospital gown on, she was not comfortable anymore. We practiced and she would seem ready for an exam, but then it wasn’t possible.”

Practice Without Pressure arranged for Diane to have her exam under sedation at Christiana Care Health System. Lead Practice Specialist Danielle Saienni and Liggon were with Diane, both at the advance walk-through and on the appointment day.

Before her early morning appointment, Diane took medicine to help her relax. “She went in really good,” Liggon said. “I’ve been in this field for more than 20 years, so I know what to expect. The important thing was for Diane to know what to expect. Danielle being there helped her do just what they’d practiced already.

“Diane was good with getting undressed and getting prepped for her OR exam. When she got a little nervous, we would tell her what we were doing and why,“ Liggon said. She came through it just fine.

“Without the PWP support, it would have been a lot harder than it was,” said Liggon. “Anyone going to the hospital could use this practice. It made a real difference.”

Diane’s mother, Jean Thomas, agrees. “Thirty or forty years ago, there wasn’t anything like Practice Without Pressure. When I would take Diane to the doctor or the dentist office, sometimes we’d clean the place out, she couldn’t handle it. I appreciate as a parent what Practice Without Pressure is doing to help Diane and other people with special needs, who have problems with tests,” she said.



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