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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Graeme Wolfington - PWP Shows the Way:


When Kirsten Wolfington saw the Practice Without Pressure in her son, Graeme’s school cubby, “It was like a message from God in his mailbox,” she said. The flyer invited parents to sign up for the Practice Without Pressure Oral Health in the Home training program at the Charles W. Bush Pre-School in Wilmington, DE. Graeme, age four, did not like to brush his teeth.

"I think before we saw you guys he wasn’t even letting us put the toothbrush in his mouth,” Kirsten Wolfington said. But after Graeme and parents Kirsten and John Wolfington attended this program last fall, they began to reap the benefits of what they learned.

“Now Graeme allows us to brush all his teeth at night with an electric toothbrush.

Before the PWP training, nothing worked,” Wolfington said. “It was just a fight. He would hit me, cry and have a meltdown. We even went to an occupational therapist to help with brushing, but her suggestions were not that effective. It was only when we adopted the PWP approach that brushing improved.”

Key concepts that worked for them were to slow down, to not rush through brushing and to use counting to establish a time stamp for the activity. “We would start with the toothbrush in his mouth for a count of three. We would do it and then he would do it and then we would finish up. Little by little, we were able to do more teeth. We gave him a role and control without overwhelming him and taught him what he needed to know. It was amazing.”

It also made a difference for her. “I would not have been able to figure this out on my own. It helped to hear one of PWP's Practice Specialists tell the story of her son’s success with PWP. I knew she understood our personal challenges, because she had dealt with her own using PWP techniques. Her example gave me hope and made me less anxious about trying something new,” Wolfington said.

A month later, they came to Practice Without Pressure in Newark, Delaware for dental care. Having learned PWP techniques at home made his transition to treatment easy.

“He was perfect. He loved it. He came two times for practice and got his cleaning done in two more visits. He acted like he was going to a party. He saw the dentist on the fourth visit, and was so excited to see the dentist. He just had fun,” she said.

Wolfington has since applied PWP techniques to other procedures that Graeme faces. Pairing PWP practice with social stories before a recent intubation and electroencephalogram (EEG) made all the difference.

“I explained the procedure to him in advance and the only reason he did so well, on things no one wants their kid to have to go through, was because of that preparation. He had that tube in his nose for 12 hours. He did great. He didn’t touch it. HE didn’t pull it out. It was the same with the electroencephalogram (EEG) test. He knew what to expect.”

Graeme, who likes math, reading and planets, has learned to deal with the sensory challenges that come with having autism. “Now he knows that he can be successful and deal with challenging situations. And now we know there are effective alternatives to forcing children into situations they are not prepared for and fear. Practice Without Pressure has been a blessing to us,” Wolfington said.



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