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Making Women’s Health a Hands-On-Learning Experience


Practice Without Pressure Inc. offers a class specifically for women and teens with disabilities to prepare them for women’s health exams and mammograms.

Participants learn important lessons in self-care and health care as they become familiar with equipment and procedures in a women’s health exam and a mammogram.

Each participant, accompanied by a caregiver or family member, receives information, practice and support to complete future women’s health exams and mammograms calmly and with confidence.


Treasure Your Health - Breast Health Awareness & Mammogram Training


Treasure Your Health brings breast health awareness information to teens and women with disabilities through simple, easy-to-follow activities that entertain as they teach.

Developed by Practice Without Pressure, the portable four-station activity presents information that people with disabilities can understand and that families and caregivers can use as a starting point to talk about this important subject. It includes four activities with:

  1. Facts about breast care
  2. What you should do if you find a lump
  3. How a mammogram machine works
  4. A Treasure Chest with prizes for participants
  5. Information about other PWP women’s health programs


In the past four years, Practice Without Pressure has educated thousands of people about breast health and the importance of mammograms through this ground-breaking program.


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