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Medical Care - Blood Draw Testimonial

Third time's the charm for Antonio DeShields:


Antonio DeShields is 39 years old.  He likes collecting keys and listening to music. He also has cerebral palsy. “Antonio has never liked needles,” said his mom Sherlene Wallace.   When he needed blood work to monitor his care, his fear became a roadblock.  The family ran into a dead end when a doctor wouldn’t prescribe the oral sedative that had enabled Antonio to complete a blood draw in the past.  And then Sherlene found out about Practice Without Pressure.

“At other offices, if he had to give blood, he wouldn’t get out of the car, no matter what,” Sherlene said.  But Practice Without Pressure was different.  “In two practice sessions, he was ready and at his third session, he got his blood work done with no problems.”

Sherelene rememberd with pride: “I was in the room with him when he had his blood drawn.  When he got it done, he sat there with the needle in his arm and watched the blood run into the tube.  He just looked and didn’t look fearful or scared.”

Beatrice Washington, Antonio’s grandmother, was especially pleased.  “I have been through so much through the years trying to get blood work...done on Antonio,” she said.  Where other places made her feel unwelcome, Practice Without Pressure welcomed her and her grandson.  “You are professionals.  There is no one like you.  I love it here.”

Sherlene agrees.  “PWP is the best place I’ve ever been because everyone is friendly.  They have so much patience with the clients and I’ve never been anywhere that had such a pleasant atmosphere where people work with kids with disabilities.  I think it’s a beautiful place,” she said.



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