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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Megan Enos - Making A Smooth Transition:

"We found out about Practice Without Pressure from the Transition Team at AI DuPont.  At that time, Megan was still going to the pediatric dentist that she (and her older brother before her) had seen since they were babies.  We were very happy with the pediatric dentist, but a visit was getting more difficult as Megan grew.  Both parents were needed to lift Megan from her wheelchair into the dental chair, and to hold her arms and legs as she was examined.  We couldn’t see this continuing as we got older, and wanted to find somewhere where Megan could continue on into her adult life, and where other people could take her for appointments in the future.  So we were so happy to hear about Practice Without Pressure.  We watched the video on their website, and made an appointment.

Megan, age 19, has had three appointments so far, one to introduce her to the process and the people, and two to clean her teeth.  She comes in her power chair, which has a recline feature.  Megan sits in her own chair and reclines as much as she is comfortable, with one parent holding her hand or helping her stabilize her head just like she does for a haircut.

Cleanings have gone pretty smoothly, and Megan is very proud of her ability to participate and get a full cleaning.  She loves having “shiny teeth.”  Megan holds the Stop card, but really doesn’t use it.  We have, with Stephanie’s encouragement, attempted to carry the calm PWP approach over to home tooth brushing.  We have been reminded by Practice Without Pressure’s honoring of Megan’s processing delays that it takes time and patience to wait for our daughter to gather herself and willingly participate.  Watching how they do that in the office has helped us be better parents at home.  Megan is happier to have us brush now, and she even has her teeth flossed at home, something we never even attempted before."

Testimony of Megan, Bill and Margaret Enos





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