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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Megan Green - Learn why mom Marji Green says, “I will drive the drive” to PWP:

Marji Green doesn’t have time to waste.  With seven children, the second one with multiple disabilities, the Valley Forge, Pa. mom must prioritize.

So when she heard about Practice Without Pressure, she was reluctant. But she needed a dentist for her daughter, Megan. Megan is 21, and loves piano and guitar music played by her siblings. She enjoys noisy energetic kids and mild breezy days outside.  But ever since a surgery in infancy to repair a hole in her heart went wrong, Megan has been in a wheelchair and unable to communicate. She has seizures, is legally blind and incontinent.  As she ages, her cognitive function is deteriorating.

When Megan aged out of AI DuPont Hospsital’s dental program at age 18, Marji looked for a local dentist.  She tried one who said he could help.  Being tube-fed, Megan easily gags and sputters. She needs suction during dental procedures.  “Just to clean her teeth, he didn’t have the equipment she needed.  He used a pick without suction and didn’t complete it all,” Marji said. “He wanted us to come back, but we didn’t go.  He didn’t know how to deal with her disabilities.”

In light of that experience, Marji thought, “I will drive a day to get the care she needs.”  Still, coming to PWP, she was leery.  At DuPont, “the dentist got in and out quickly within 15 minutes.”  She wanted Practice Without Pressure to be just as fast.

“But PWP took their time, gave her time to catch her breath and it took longer, but Megan smiled through it,” Marji said. “She actually enjoyed it. But when they said we needed another appointment to complete the root planing and scaling, I thought ‘this is going to take forever.’  My thinking was ‘I’m driving over an hour to get here and I’m coming back soon.  Insurance won’t pay for practice sessions. I have to use more gas money...but they were wonderful with her from the start.  It was just me having the issues,” she said.

No more. “PWP has been wonderful – I will drive the drive. Absolutely,” said Marji. “Since the first few visits, we come back every 4-6 months and they do everything in one visit and she smiles through it.  They treat her like she is all there, that she has no brain damage.  They talk to her. They give her time. If she starts to complain, they back off and they count.  It’s nice to have people treat her like a person and not like a piece of furniture.

“I love being there. I come and sit with her at her feet. It helps me to see how they are treating her.  They talk to me throughout the visit so we know what is happening and what to expect.  It feels like home,” Marji said.

Now, Megan has a piece of PWP at home too.  “PWP recommended an electric toothbrush and gave me one,” Marji said.  “I tried it and she absolutely loves the electric toothbrush.  I was amazed.  Now we brush her teeth all the time and even use it sometimes to wake her up.  She smiles and laughs every time.  The fact that they gave it to me and let me try it made all the difference.

“My sister has noticed that Megan bites down on the toothbrush.  It’s one of the only purposeful things she does.  Even her laughing and smiling can come out of nowhere and we don’t know why.  But her biting on the toothbrush is really neat to see.  It’s like she’s playing with us.  And PWP made it possible.




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