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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Nick Rivera finds relief and treatment at PWP:

When Nick Rivera moved to Delaware from New Jersey two years ago, he was just shy of his 18th birthday and without a healthcare home or transition plan in his new state.  When Nick, who has autism, developed an abscess in his tooth, his mom Carrie Melchiskey turned to Delaware Family Voices for help.

DFV referred them to Practice Without Pressure, a Newark, Delaware non-profit that makes care routine for people with disabilities.  PWP saw Nick on an emergency basis two days later.  “Initially,” Melchiskey said, “PWP was reluctant because they didn’t want Nick to associate PWP with his pain, but I urged them to do it.  I knew my son and knew that if they relieved the pain of his abscess, he would be grateful.”  And that’s what happened.  “He walked out of there with a big smile on his face, signing thank you,” Melchiskey said.

A few weeks later, Nick returned for a root canal.  “PWP showed him what was going to happen each step of the way, so it was learn and do – and he flew through it.  Even the staff was surprised at how easy it was,” Melchiskey said. It was his first major dental procedure without sedation.

On a subsequent visit, which happened to be his 19th birthday, PWP staff gave him a top-of-the-line Oral B electric toothbrush with a wall timer.  “He takes great pride in getting his smiley face on the timer when he has brushed for two minutes,” his mom said.  “I think it’s made a difference in his oral care.  He was always good, but now he really brushes thoroughly for the full two minutes.”

Now, next to blondes, video games and Star Wars, Practice Without Pressure is tops on his list.  “Every time we pass PWP, he gets very excited.  He loves going there.”




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