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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Huddleston family - Regina Huddleston calls PWP "amazing" for her three children:


Regina and Shawn Huddleston of Newark, Delaware have three very active children. Morgan, age 6, loves to garden.  Eight-year old Hanna loves to swim.  Zachary, age 11, favors Wii bowling and riding his bike.

They came to Practice Without Pressure for dental care.  All three had been to the dentist before, but had not felt welcome.

“I’ve known about PWP for a long time from being involved in the autism community,” said Regina. (Zack and Hanna have autism.)  “I decided to visit PWP and make the change for my children.  The dentist they were seeing had a very poor bedside manner.”

Though the previous dentist had not sedated her children for routine cleanings and care, Regina said, “her preference seemed to be to want to do that.  She just gave the impression she didn’t want to be bothered with them.”

The children came to PWP “with normal apprehension about what to expect,” Regina said.  Regina came hoping to find a better dental home.

PWP exceeded all their expectations. “They were amazing, absolutely amazing,” Regina said of PWP staff.

“They spoke to my children about they would do, spoke about steps that were going to take.  The children had pictures to see what was happening before it happened so they could anticipate what to expect,” she said.

Once in the dental suite, their cleanings were easily accomplished.  Then with Mom as a model, they learned the steps to receiving an x-ray, which they also completed on their first visit.

Morgan comes to PWP for dental care too.  Regina thought that because PWP specializes in working with people who have disabilities, that Morgan would need to go to a different dentist. But having Morgan as a client is just what PWP wants to offer more families: a place where all are comfortable receiving care.

“I wasn’t expecting them to take Morgan on, so I was appreciative of that.  She doesn’t need any help and they understand that.  It’s more convenient for me as well,” Regina said.

“We moved from a horrible experience that was not child focused to PWP, where they are so focused on my children, and so patient, with support and individual attention both to my children and to me,” Regina said. “From the moment we walk in there to the minute we leave, it’s a calm, relaxing atmosphere.  My kids are comfortable and happy there.”



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