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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Amanda Gilligan gives thumbs-up to dental care at PWP:

Amanda Gilligan, age 10, loves reading, caring for her baby dolls and playing soccer and baseball. She lives in Middletown with her two brothers and their parents, Sean and Mary Jo. Born with Down syndrome and cognitive delay, Amanda has thrived following early cardiac surgery and detection of celiac disease.  Dental care, though, was a struggle.

“Amanda dreaded her dental appointment so much she would wet herself before going into the building,” Mary Jo said.  “They never took the time to sit down with her and explain things.  They just told us to hold her down so they could get us in and out.  It was hard to believe we were doing this to our child. It really affected her in a negative way.”  At home, toothbrushing wasn’t much easier.  “It would take three of us to hold her down to get a toothbrush in her mouth,” Mary Jo said.

Eventually, the dentist recommended that Amanda be sedated to extract several teeth and put caps on others.  After a long delay by the dentist, Amanda eventually received operatory care.  And then the dentist moved away.

On the strength of Steve Cleary’s recommendation, Mary Jo decided to give PWP a try.  “I wasn’t sure what to expect,” Mary Jo said.  “But one of the PWP practice specialists came out and told us what would happen.  She took us to the practice room, showed us the practice cards and talked to Amanda about what we would do.

“The way the practice specialist presented it made Amanda more receptive.” Mary Jo said. “I was surprised, though, when Amanda asked to go into the dental room. Amanda trusted her would only show her materials and not actually do anything to her that day.”

When Amanda pointed to an object or asked about it, the practice specialist would explain what it did and show on Mary Jo how it worked. “That was a big deal,” Mary Jo said.  “We praised her a lot.  Her confidence grew.”

After just one more practice session, Amanda was ready for her cleaning, and finished it in two sessions.

The transformation has been remarkable. “She does not wet her pants when she comes to PWP,” Mary Jo said.  “She has no problems going there at all.  She asks ‘Dentist house?’ and then she says, ‘Ok, mommy, I’ll go.’

“It’s pretty amazing.,” Mary Jo said.  “The way everything happened, I’m still shocked she goes back by herself.  She likes it.  When she finishes she hugs everybody.”





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