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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Alexander George learns self-management at PWP:

Alexander George, age 15, loves Santana and Legos. He has autism and communicates through body language, pictureexchanges and signing. Since moving to Frederica, Delaware six years ago, dental care was a problem.

“He wasn’t a cooperative patient,” said his mom, Rosanne Wagner. “He had lots of anxiety. The clinic we tried was too busy, too loud and had too many people for Alex to handle. He couldn’t even sit in the chair for more than a few seconds. At his last visit there, the dentist stood with a flashlight to look into Alex’s mouth. The exam lasted a few seconds.”

Frustrated and concerned, Wagner sought out Practice Without Pressure. “We weren’t really sure how well Alex would respond. When anxious, he hits my husband, Scott or me and digs his nails into our arms.” For that reason, they both accompanied him on healthcare visits.

But his second visit to PWP showed another side of Alex. This time, only Rosanne came back to the exam room with him. After modeling procedures, and watching him practice with picture cards for a dental x-ray, Rosanne was even able to leave the room.

“He did no hitting. They put a weighted blanket on him, let him use fidget toys, helped him practice with counting and acclimated him to the camera coming close for the x-ray,” Rosanne said. “They went nice and slow. They gave him a chance to understand what was going on. That reduced his anxiety tremendously. All these new people gained his trust right away with their methods. The key was that they made him feel like he was the one in control.”

Alex got half his x-rays done that day. At the next visit, when Rosanne brought him to finish the x-rays, she came without her husband. “By that second appointment, I was confident and it was a breeze. I got to relax and enjoy seeing him progress. Now my husband doesn’t have to take time off work to come with us.”

Alex continued to surprise her and PWP staff. The cleaning they thought would take three visits ended up taking only one visit. Next up is practice to apply sealants to his molars.

“Alex is so proud of himself. He smiles from ear to ear and is happy to come to PWP,” Rosanne said. He’s not alone. Rosanne’s father, a retired dentist, now has the photo of Alex getting x-rays over his bed in Buffalo, NY.

“Now Alex has memories of going to the dentist as a good experience so it will make things so much easier should something happen,” Rosanne said. “It’s so reassuring that a place like Practice Without Pressure exists.”


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