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Medical Care - Women's Health Testimonial

Kim Jones learns through PWP training and practice:


Kim Jones has learned to treasure her health, thanks to her mom, Special Olympics and Practice Without Pressure.

Kim Jones, 31, loves watching DVDs, dancing and playing tennis. But because she has tactile sensitivity, women’s health exams have been very difficult for her. “I ended up having breast cancer,” her mom, Merry Jones, said, “and I knew we had to stay on top of exams for Kim.”

It wasn’t easy. After a bad first experience, they opted for a sedated exam at the hospital. It would be a long day – without food. Though scheduled for 1 p.m., Kim did not enter the OR until 3:30. After the exam, Kim vomited in recovery from the anesthetic and was unable to return home until 6 p.m.

Merry decided to try a different approach. “I knew about Practice Without Pressure from others who go there and from the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program.” PWP has brought its Treasure Your Health breast health awareness program at the SODE Summer Games for the past three years. “It helped Kim become more familiar with what to expect.”

At Practice Without Pressure, Kim learned from picture cards and practice what happens in an exam. “PWP gave Kim more explanation and hands-on as to what was going to happen. The pictures were very helpful for her, although she does understand more than she appears to,” Merry said.

After just two practice sessions, Kim was ready.  “I was little leery because I thought not enough time had gone by,” Merry said.  “But we scheduled it anyway, and with the encouragement of one of PWP's practice specialist, Kim relaxed enough to successfully complete an exam with the doctor.”



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