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Medical Care - Medical Pre-Surgery Testimonials

Sam Herkimer - His Mom says, "PWP has made our lives completely better.":




Sam Herkimer is a Practice Without Pressure  veteran who loves I Spy computer games and word searches. He is 14 years old, and with PWP's help,  now completes dental exams, haircuts, and blood draws with ease

“He’s had six or seven surgeries in the last few years related to his ears,” mom Darcie said.  “Due to constant ear infections, a condition known as cholesteotoma, Sam has had both ear bones and eardrums replaced.”

After his last ear infection wouldn’t clear up, the doctor discovered it was a MRSA infection.  Darcie turned to PWP to prepare for the flushing surgery. "I wanted to avoid  lengthy surgery that can cause Sam's airway to collapse and require re‐intubation,” she said.

PWP's Karen Bashkow led Sam through a tour of the hospital, advised staff on how best to interact with Sam and helped Sam practice to prep for the surgery.

When the time came for surgery, Karen rode on the gurney with Sam to the operating room, helped him put on the mask and count to 10 until the anesthesia took effect.

Sam was out of the OR and on his way home in two hours.

“Sam seemed to feel pretty good. He felt he had more control over things...Karen made things  safe," Darcie said.




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