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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Paul Sielski moves from sedation to self-confidence:

Paul Sielski calls himself “The King of Pop.” He loves music, especially Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Prince. He likes “hanging around” and playing Uno. But until Practice Without Pressure, dental care was not high on his list of preferred activities.

Paul was 43 when he started coming to PWP in 2010. At first, he said, “I didn’t know what to think.” Having dental care without sedation as a child, he remembers the drills and other tools. “It was scary,” he said. Later, he was sedated for dentistry. He found that scary too.

But on his first visit to PWP, he opened his mouth and allowed PWP’s dentist to examine his teeth. On visit five, he had a cavity filled, his first without sedation. And on visit ten, Paul had six cavities filled in one visit, again without sedation.

And now he is so comfortable that he no longer needs support from PWP practice specialists to complete exams, cleanings and fillings.

He likes coming to PWP “because you guys are fun,” he said. The feeling is mutual.

During exams, Paul tells staff that he needs to sleep and then closes his eyes and snores. But when it’s time to open his mouth, he’s ready and willing. “PWP helps me with my mouth,” Paul said.

“Paul really helps himself,” PWP Founder and CEO Deb Jastrebski said. “We just help make it happen.”



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