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Medical Care


Practice Without Pressure offers routine medical care, specializing in the needs of people with disabilities and those who care for them. Practice Without Pressure provides a range of medical care, from blood draws and bi-pap practice to women’s health exams and pre-surgery support. The desire to help people with disabilities receive routine treatment is what sets PWP apart. The cornerstone of the business is its Practice Model™, a step-by-step training program that offers a structured and individualized approach to treatment that removes fear and replaces it with understanding and confidence, leading to routine care.


Practice Without Pressure provides routine treatment for a host of procedures. When clients come to PWP with issues beyond the scope of the Center to handle, PWP can also help. For those clients with complicated dental and medical needs, PWP works with Christiana Care Health System to provide operatory treatment. Once those outstanding healthcare issues have been resolved, clients return to Practice Without Pressure to prepare for routine healthcare or dental care at its Center.


Women with disabilities are at higher risk for breast cancer because they complete gynecology exams and mammograms at a lower rate than their peers. Parents often are reluctant to expose their daughters to these exams because of perceptions that it will lead to undesirable consequences. Young women who have not been prepared for these exams, may have a difficult time completing them. That experience can lead to sedated women’s health exams or an avoidance of appointments altogether. Through its women’s health program, Practice Without Pressure provides ladies with training that leads to successful gynecology appointments at its Center or a doctor of their choosing. PWP also supports mammogram appointments through its Practice Model™ to make diagnosis or treatment available for the best outcome.

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